Tyro — Keyboard Maestro Macros for Apprentices

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Create a better and delightful workspace

The bundle contains the list of macros that help you to get things done faster. I've been using Keyboard Maestro for eight years and I build these macros to improve my experience from using macOS.

Default Window Size

Set default window size for your frequently used applications and reset them with a single shortcut.

Windows Manager

Organize your windows by assigning shortcuts or keywords. This macro lets you allocate the front window into eight sizes:

  • Snap Half to Right or Left
  • Snap Half to Top or Bottom
  • Snap 1/3 to Right or Left
  • Snap 2/3 to Right or Left

Quick Find and Replace

Warn Before Quitting

Made popular by Google Chrome, you can enable this feature for all the critical applications you use. No more accidentally quitting Terminal when you're running local development server.

What People Say

General Questions

What is Keyboard Maestro?

Keyboard Maestro is an application that lets you automate tasks that you usually do with macOS. It can virtually do everything that you've been doing with a user-friendly interface.

Do I need to know how to code to take advantage of Keyboard Maestro?

No. Keyboard Maestro is packed with many built-in actions that are simple enough for anyone who can use macOS to build macros that can save time.

Do I need to buy Keyboard Maestro to use these macros?

Yes, you must own Keyboard Maestro if you wish to use these macros. I have saved more than 500 hours with macros, and I recommend that you check it out even if you don't plan to buy it yet.


A macro group library that you can install to Keyboard Maestro.

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Tyro — Keyboard Maestro Macros for Apprentices

4 ratings